Indoor Stairlifts in Deer Park, Texas

img-sliderIf you have trouble getting up and down the stairs, an indoor stairlift is the perfect solution. An indoor stairlift automatically stops at the top and bottom of a staircase, eliminating the need for you to try to navigate the stairs on your own. Some models even swivel to make it easier to climb into and out of the chair. We have a wide selection of

Deer Park, Texas

indoor stairlifts, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Deer Park, Texas Curved Chair Lifts

P1-Texas Stairlift-curvedA curved chair lift is ideal if you have a staircase that doesn’t go straight up and down. If you decide to install a curved chair lift, we’ll customize the track to your staircase so you don’t have to worry about any installation problems. Because the track is customized, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride every time you go up and down the stairs. One of our friendly staff members is ready to help you choose from our large selection of

Deer Park, Texas

curved chair lifts.

Outdoor Stairlifts for Deer Park, Texas Residents

P5 Outdoor Curved StairliftIt’s difficult to walk up and down steep steps if you have arthritis, knee problems, or other medical conditions. Unfortunately, it’s common for home entrances to have several steps, making it difficult for seniors and people with mobility-limiting illnesses to maintain their independence.If you want to maintain your independence and enjoy the outdoors, let us help you. We have

Deer Park, Texas

outdoor stairlifts available, and our staff members are available to address any concerns you may have.

Deer Park, Texas Chair Lift Prices

P3 Texas Chairlift PricesThe price of a chair lift depends on several factors. One of the biggest considerations is the length of your stairway. It costs less to have 10 feet of track installed than it does to have 20 feet of track installed, for example. In some cases, wiring work is necessary to ensure the chair lift is safe to use. The installation costs more if you need to have a professional adjust the wiring in your home.

Deer Park, Texas

chair lift prices also vary based on the model you choose and whether you have a straight or curved staircase. If you’re worried about the cost, just remember that it’s much more expensive to live in an assisted-living facility or spend several days in the hospital if you sustain a fall on your stairs.

Stairlift Installation in Deer Park, Texas

P3 Texas-Indoor-Stairlift-InstallationA chair lift is supposed to enhance your safety, not put you in danger. That’s why it’s so important to have your lift installed by a professional. Curved stairlifts are especially tricky to install, so hiring a professional is well worth the cost. Because we have extensive experience with

Deer Park, Texas

stairlift installation, we have the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right the first time. One of our installers would be happy to install your stairlift, show you how it works, and answer your questions. If you are ready to reclaim your independence and make your home safer, contact us to discuss your stairlift needs.

Texas Stair Lift Inc.’s Process for Choosing a Stairlift

Once you call our stair lift experts at (214) 414-3002 you'll be asked a series of questions. You will then be matched with a local agent who will arrive to inspect and measure your stair case and help you pick the stair lift that best fits your needs and budget. Once the stair lift is ordered, your installer will return to install as soon as it arrives.

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