If you have a staircase in your home, there’s no need to give up your independence and stay confined to the first floor. We have straight stairlifts from some of the industry’s leading suppliers, giving you a wide range of choices.

Measuring for a Straight Stairlift

Before you start comparing straight stairlifts, you need to be aware of some basic measurements. When measuring the stairway itself, you need to measure from top to bottom and then measure from the top to the first step. You also need to know the tread length and rise height of each step. Tread length refers to the distance between the front edge of the step to the back edge of the step, while rise height refers to the distance between the bottom of the step and the top of the step. Before ordering a chair lift, be sure to take note of any possible obstructions, such as a doorway near the top or bottom of the stairway.

Safety and Comfort

Straight stairlifts have several features that improve comfort and maintain your safety. In terms of safety, look for a model that has sensors in place to recognize obstructions. You should also shop for a model that prevents the chair lift from moving too fast in the event of an electrical problem. Armrests, padded chairs, and footrests are all available to keep you comfortable each time you ride up and down the stairs.

Before You Buy

Don’t purchase your stairlift until you answer a few basic questions. First, how wide are your stairs? If the stairway is less than 36 inches wide, you may want to purchase a low-profile chair lift. Low-profile models typically have folding armrests, footrests, and chairs that take up less space. Second, do you have trouble sitting or standing? If so, look for a chair that adjusts based on your height. With the right chair, you don’t have to worry about lowering yourself into a chair that is too low or trying to climb into one that is too high.

Cost of Straight Stairlifts

Several factors influence the cost of a straight stairlift. You may need to have an electrician makes some updates to your wiring before you can have your chair lift installed, increasing the total cost. High-end models with a lot of special features cost more than basic models, so choose accordingly if you are on a budget. It’s important to think of your chair lift as an investment rather than an expense. If the lift saves you from just one fall, you’ll save thousands of dollars in potential medical bills.

Professional Installation

It’s best to have an experienced professional install your chair lift to ensure the lift works properly and lasts a long time. The installation process isn’t too complex, but it does involve hooking up the wires and laying separate pieces of track. We have friendly installers ready to answer your questions and install your lift properly. Contact us today to discuss your needs and order the perfect lift for your home.

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